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I often do this, confuse the matter and hide what I know. So I will try and be perfectly clear in my famous number point style.

1. I want to apply for a job abroad as I feel now I have the skills and experience, I also would like to see more of the world.

2. I will make my applications truthfully and honestly, outlining my work experience and my current existing projects (1944)

3. All going well I will get an interview, tests, or ask to develop something as part of a test, or perhaps my existing work will suffice. Either way the employer will get an accurate view of my skillset and I will not bullshit them with regards to my experience or interests.

4. If they enquire about the status of my project I will clearly explain what it is, where its going, and what expect to achieve from it.

5. If offered a contract, I will take the time to evaluate it, and question areas that may infringe on what I like to do (Some people play football, I watch movies, play games and programme)

6. If i feel this is a position I would like, and if I feel offer is valid and worth it. I will take all necessary steps towards starting that contract.

6.1 If the contract requires me not to work on projects outside of work, I will determine if the job is worth sacrificing my current job, and my projects for it.

6.2 If I dont like the Job, or the contract I will not sign, but rather stay in my current job and finish out my projects (1944 game, AI engine and Dyanmic Animation System)

7. All going well I will get a new job in a new city, where I will move to and gain experience and travel.

7.1 I will continue with my projects as a learning process to keep up with the new technologies and perhaps create something cool, all in a non commercial way of course.

7.2 All not going well, but with the correct job, I will limit what I do to be winthin the limits of the contract and be glad of a potentially great job in a new city.

Those are my aspirations. I merely expect to see what is out there. Put foreward my skillset in a realistic, accurate and truthful manner, and if they are seen as beneficial to a company we can proceed further.

At the end of the day, if a contract does not suit me, I will not leave my current job, my home, my family to work and slave in a job I could potentially hate. I am now in a position in life where I can choose what I want to do, how I want to do it. If this limits my options so be it. I will take job satisfaction, good quality of life and good social life over a contract/money/job anyday.

Yes I am aware this may limit my options but as I said, I am in a position to choose.

Anyway. now that I have cleared up my intentions (or so I hope) If anyone has any good articles or advice on what to present.

Tony I would be very interested to hear what you guys would look out for so I can compile demos and applications (which form the core of my projects) To get the attention of the employer
Darkblood if you could share the same. Also from an artist point of view, visually what would you prefer too see.

My main areas of interest, are


I have selected jobs all in those areas, and intend to compile applications and demos based on those areas, with overall demos showing how I bring everything together, and with Reality Engine show how I handle Next Generation development.