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BTW, don’t forget that, if you work for a company and they have a pretty complex legal document to sign, you will practically ALWAYS be able to do your own thing when you quit the job eventually.

I’ll give you a quick example…

With MathEngine, one of their lead developers left ( Russ Smith ). Not only did he continue to work on the exact same technology that he was working on when at that company, he actually opensourced it ( opende.sourceforge.net ), in effect becoming a form of competition for Math Engine.

I’m sure his contract contained all of the main legal mumbo-jumbo that none of us mere mortals understand ( and that I’d bet not too many legal reps understand ), but when he left, it meant squat squared.

I think the big issue may be that you might not have time to work on anything else, so it might be better to mention that you are involved as part of an indie group, but don’t go into too much detail on it. You’ll probably find that you’ll have no time to work on it anyways, when working full time on a game ( start of a games project = crunch time, middle of a games project = crunch time, end of a project = crunch time, the real end of the project = insane crunch time ).