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I have uploaded a latest version of my CV, and made it available to some High up programmers, Managers and friends in the Industry and 3D in general. They will all get back to me with their crits.


At the moment I am following contacts, friends who are senior artists within some companies. I will get more of an insight from them as who I am applying too, it will also help to have the names and knowledge of the company. They are currently looking at my CV.

So thats my in at the moment. Im also looking into creating some kick ass cover letters. I aim to allow the companies to decide what they want me to submit, so I hope to get talking to them, and hopefully they will reqeust specific applications, which I can then develop or recycle. If not I will fall back onto the work I am currently putting onto DVD’s

And later onto my webspace.

So any hard crits on my CV please, I went for the straight to the point approach outlining how the technologies I use fit in with the role. It works very well with HR people.