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Aphra K

thanks to everyone for coming out on Friday night. We had a great turnout of over forty people, some very entertaining talks from Dylan and Mike. Unfortunately Steph had to fly to the States for work at the last minute.

I will post more later on but the winners of the awards were
newbie – eDen or Paul from Ballyfermot, Nooptical or David McGovern for stamina, Gizmo or Simon for salmon of knowledge and overall to Demonware yet again. Sean was on hand to collect his ‘analogue’ Mario Kart racing game

later we retired to Mahaffeys to see the end of the Sunderland game (yeah!) and have quite a few drinks..

thanks to everyone for turning up and especially those who travelled from the North and Galway amongst other places…

news piece to be posted later and I believe Jamie has some pics..