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Ronan, I haven’t looked at your CV or cover letter and probably won’t have the time, tbh (unless you apply for a job, of course ;)) but here’s my two cents worth…

Omen has already mentioned CV length, and I won’t say any more on that

– cover letter should be tailored to the company/job you’re applying for
– should be 3 paras in length, no more, no less
* para 1 = intro & say what job you are applying for
* para 2 = state your main selling pts, and why they should consider hiring you
* para 3 = what you would like to happen next, e.g. “I would appreciate an opportunity to come and talk to you about my experience and skills and see if we could work together” or similar

Just like the in the interview and CV, you should take care in the cover letter to not come across as arrogant or conceited in any way (this is a huge turn off for most employers). Apart from that, just be polite, natural and confident in your abilities to deliver