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Just like the in the interview and CV, you should take care in the cover letter to not come across as arrogant or conceited in any way (this is a huge turn off for most employers). [/quote:a02223b720]

As some have mentioned already there’s often pretty big differences between US and EU resumes. Particularly for US resumes you end up “dividing by 2” often but at the same time if you got a US resume that wasn’t hyped up you’d suspect the person was either under-selling themselves or actually not that strong. Makes it pretty tough to find a balance. There’s no place for arrogance – but there is a definite need to be confident and self-promoting to some extent.

It’s different in the EU in my experience. Also, the 1 page 2 page thing is a guideline really I think. I generally see 2 page resumes from US applicants and 3 or 4 page resumes from EU folks.

Some big no-nos:

– don’t put your education first – employers are primarily interested in work experience
– no employer cares about your leaving cert results (unless of course you’ve just sat your leaving cert)
– don’t speak in the personal (as in “I did this…”)
– definitely don’t speak in the 3rd person (“Steve barely graduated, whereupon…”)
– give lots of details of your last 2 positions and then summarize the rest

It’s usually a good idea to add an honest “goal” or “mission statement” at the start. This might seem twee to us here, but it’s a good way of stating what you hope to achieve in your career and a nice measure of your enthusiasm, drive and ambition.

YMW definitely V.