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Originally posted by RonanHayes

build your c.v. using latex, it produces pdf instead of converting .doc to pdf, which i presume you did right, and thats why you get poor resolution?

anyway latex is easy to learn, bit like html and believe me once you learn it you’ll never use word again. i used to thing id never use latex, but had to learn for my thesis and i can say, word now bugs me when i want to do simple stuff like table of contents etc for tech reports. latex its far easier and more intuitive in regards to these things. Also you can download c.v. templates and just fill in and compile. loads of info on google about it.

Also i wonder should you have the projector on the c.v. typically recruitment agencies tell you use plain A4 page, no jazzy stuff for an application, maybe one of the employers can tell ya whether its okay? steve, tony?

other than that, nice work and happy job hunting.