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http://www.probegames.com and gamesrecruit.com have the most comprehensive (especially the later) list of jobs etc.

datascope are really good though, i only had my c.v. in with them for a day and i had an interview in the UK, although it wasent the kind of game job i wanted. work for 6 months unpaid to prove i was of the calibre of a cambridge student (now i know cambridge students and most can fart on about s\w eng and theory but most cant program for crap), if i didnt prove myself i would be fire(fair enough if your getting paid, alot of companies do this now).

Also this particular company (which really sounds like an amateur rack), the manager type tells me when i asked him if they had any industry veterans they were working with or consulting or even any publisher, since none of them had previous experience.
he replies, “what do we need industry for, how hard is a game, clock in 100 weeks with cambridge\oxford grads and boom we make a AAA title”. you can imagine i didnt attend 2nd rounds, when i heard this.

also this guy told me that i would have to work 25% of my time, developing databases and websites for their primary investor. haha, the chancers out there. :-)