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Thanks for the reply!

Well i think i would like to work for one of those middleware companies so i will just create a simple engine which i will use myself, and as you said add more to it as i go on, or as i see fit.

Sorry for sounding a bit dumb but what do you mean by sofware engineering?
” Also an old bit of S\W engineering would be useful in the engine, seeing as your studying that. ”
I have already started the design process if that is what you mean? E.g. requirements specification etc.



Good plan. A physics demo from scratch is probably what would be required by them (havok etc). keep it simple though, because its a particularly hard thing to implement, also try to keep you maths code clean and simple. Gonna save you a lot of work in the long term.

yeah by sw eng i meant UML to layout your components use inheritance when appropriate but sparingly etc.

La mothe’s book(tricks I) if i remember correctly had a nice chapter on simple physics for 2d games, that would probably be a good start before you have the complexity associated with a 3rd dimension.Also i remember spotting somewhere a physic engine design book, similar to the 3d graphics engine design book “3D Game Engine Design”.