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Nice start and I like the site layout and design. Simple is always best.

Firstly the header, doesnt really do the site any justice, it looks like the header of a word document or powerpoint slide. If this is the look you are going for, try and find a better font or colour combo than white on orange. This can be very sharp on the eyes.

The left column needs more clarity. While the titles of each section are clean and stylish, the text underneath is not so clear. It seems like one large block of text, divided by a line. Either a new colour for the text or alternating colours would be good. I know you are going for clean and stylish, but some distinct division between article titles would do wonders. Also you have a dotted line effect on the right colomn If you could do similar on the left that would make things even. I know the colour is probably the exact same which makes it tough but if you can pull it off it would be good.

The centre is great. and I also like the left (I know its the same as the right but with a white background, but all text is only on one line per link)

Finally, I would try and align the first dotted line, for Recent Posts, Top 20 Ireland Game Charts and About. Would just look cleaner, the date above Game Charts just seems to stick out way too much. Could be moved up into the header, or removed.