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haven’t heard too much myself…at least nothing concrete..will try to find out on next visit to the big smoke..[/quote:300e1b9031]The news appears mixed, rather than bad

Michael Griffin has left Kapooki to spend more time with his family in Kilkenny. He left shortly after E3 this year.Michael and his wife have a very young baby and are expecting another. The long commutes and extended stays were simply too much in the end. However, he’s still in close touch with his friends in the industry, and who knows? We may yet see him make a return ot the industry

Dave Stafford, another of the Kapooki founders and their art director has taken over CEO duties. Kapooki are in the final stretch on their first PS2 title

I know I’m not alone in wishing Mike, Dave and the other Kapooki-ites the very best for the future