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My approach to most films is to enjoy the spectacle and turn the brain off so I can ignore most of the usual screwed up details that can ruin it for others. For that reason I enjoyed the film and reckon that as long as you go to be entertained, it’s a good flick and I am happy to recommend it.

Only one ‘detail’ was too in my face to ignore and it wasn’t the one suggested by Monument although ‘on mature recollection’ that one was also pretty obvious but I suppose that I was distracted enough at that stage by the “What the f**k is screwing up the Aliens?” question to ignore it. The one that bothered me most wasn’t even the “nice christmas jumpers and eggnog” as was so brilliantly described by Quaxer but the “feckin son turning up again – that bum was dead – leave him dead, it would be much more believable”.[/quote:355c9f94dc]

yeah i agree, some flaws as for :

What the f**k is screwing up the Aliens?” I think the answer is bacteria and micro-organisms, something which man has built up immunity too over the centuries.