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Yes, it was the microscopic bacteria/viruses that killed them and I am so unbelievably grateful for them keeping it true to the original, as opposed to the US president hopping into a handy f16 and leading the way.

One plot hole I’d like to discuss, as I believe it has a relevance to games. IF YOU HAVE A MODERN DAY SETTING, DONT IGNORE WHAT WE ALL TAKE FOR GRANTED IN MODERN DAY.

I refer most specifically to the initial landing of the aliens. I find it impossible to believe that you can hide thousands of 300 foot tall ships, some presumably in highly built up areas, and never have us find one.

I also refuse to believe that the aliens deposited their ships a million years ago, and only bothered to go do something about them now.

What is wrong, pray tell, with simply having the ships land, as opposed to having large aliens hop into tiny little capsules to get burrowed into even smaller holes in the ground just so they could get into their ships which they left there to exterminate a population of the earth which had yet to even evolve when they left them there?


It is a really important part of any current day setting that the world is one that people can understand and relate to immediately. If you dont do so, you create an immediate (sometimes subliminal) dischord with your audience (game or film), from which it is very hard to recover. If you want people to get truly involved with your story, you need to create a world where what occurs ‘could theoretically happen’ as opposed to ‘is just plain out impossible’.

Another aspect of this is that you have to create (in this situation) aliens whose motives can be understood by the people playing the game. “Annihilate all life” was great, until they started capturing them instead. “Watering the plants with liquidised humans” was great, until you realise the machinery they used to do it had been sitting on the planet longer than the human race. There were a few more, like discovering the wheel, or checking their ships hadnt been damaged by a million years of tectonic shifting, but all in all, they just came accross as a bad way to make a movie featuring indecisive alien intellects which we are told are vastly superior to our own.

In short, make your game world believable.

(rant shortened due to time and posting constraints. for further details, please attend your next shindig…)