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Breaking both a promise to myself not to get drawn in and the habit of a lifetime, I agree with Dave on this one[/quote:d2bc256bec]
Confused, what are you argeeeing with ? That its a good book, or something else.

I don’t want to get into HP vs LOTR either…

I do believe its a children’s book and JKR would agree with that, and its the older audience that pretned different that get at me.
I had to spend aover a year in uni with 3 guys that were mad about it. Eventually agreed to read the first 4, think the 5 was just coming out at the time. Didn’t read it. Then again, I think I’ve only ever read 2 hard-back books, so that alone was a major put off :)

Oh, and as an aside, I think some of the points that Dave mentioned about LOTR are what makes it great :) Especially creating the whole kingdom, history and languages. Added that extra “je ne c’est quai”