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Breaking both a promise to myself not to get drawn in and the habit of a lifetime, I agree with Dave on this one[/quote:a3935c6c87]
Confused, what are you argeeeing with ? That its a good book, or something else.[/quote:a3935c6c87]ok, what I was agreeing with was that – by today’s sensibilities – HP is better written than LOTR, (not necessarily a better book) and I doubt that LOTR would be published today for the same reasons that Dave mentioned PLUS the fact that his dialogue is terribly archaic by todays’s taste. To say that either is better literature than the other is subjective in the extreme, as you can’t really make an apples for apples comparison without taking into account the very points that Dave made. I think JRRT and JFK are both accomplished authors

(For the record I personally prefer LOTR to HP and if I was stranded on a desert island – no contest – I’d want LOTR for company). However, even take a a lookat the 3 LOTR movies… The dialogue of 2 & 3 is in stark contrast to the dialogue of 1, which more closely mirrors the books – and that was deliberately changed after criticisms of the first film by audiences. I think it’s even referenced in the commentaries on the DVDs. Simply put, audiences’ tastes to day have changed (also why War of the Worlds, which I loved by the way, had an ending unchanged from the book that simply doesn’t work for a modern audience)

I do believe its a children’s book[/quote:a3935c6c87]It’s primary audience is kids, sure. But having come late to HP, I read all first 5 books back to back and it’s obvious to me anyway that JKR’s style matures with in line with her audience aging. So it’s for teens at this stage. Many people consider LOTR a kids book – either way it’s irrelevant. Both series can be read and appreciated on their own terms

Oh, and as an aside, I think some of the points that Dave mentioned about LOTR are what makes it great :) Especially creating the whole kingdom, history and languages. Added that extra “je ne c’est quai”[/quote:a3935c6c87]Couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t think Dave was citing them as criticisms necessarily