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I suspect Rockstar are guilty of courting controversy to get some more sales (as they appeared to do with manhunt), and I can hardly blame them. There will always be knee-jerking idiots and opportunist fools prepared to climb on a wicker basket and rant about pornography, sodomites and video games they know nothing about to an audience that knows even less.

The whole thing in the US is fascinating, because on one hand there are anti-games ‘crusaders’ like Jack Thompson blaming games for everything from Columbine to Sodom and Gomorrah; while on the other side libertarian nutters are campaigning against legal enforcement of game ratings, claiming it’s overzealous government. Not to mention moralising owners of retail chains refusing to stock anything that doesn’t fit in with their corn flakes and enema view of life. I wonder what will happen as the games industry moves from traditional retail channels to online sales as Valve has done.

And on an aside… Has anyone got the knack of those missions? I always fail and get the “It’s a crime to fail to satisfy a woman” line. Is it just me?