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Wonderful, knee jerk stupidity is all it is. Ironically enough the effect that this has will be different than what most people think

Though not a policy, IEMA members generally do not carry AO-rated games any differently than we do not carry X-rated videos or DVDs, thus it is likely that our members will be removing all copies of the current version and re-stocking with the updated version.”

We understand that several non-IEMA retail companies intend to continue selling the current version, so we would refer all media inquiries to those respective corporations.[/quote:0f2a7f2a23]
Something like this has never happened with a widly popular game and given the huge sales of the GTA series I don’t think many stores will stop carrying the game. While the large stores such as Walmart and Toys R’ Us may do so I don’t see it becoming the norm. In the face of this what are we left with?
A game that 17 year olds cant play but that 18 year olds can…THE HORROR!