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IEMA members generally do not carry AO-rated games any differently than we do not carry X-rated videos or DVDs[/quote:0cb76cab69]What a joke. Have they seen what they’re rating as equivalent to hardcore porn?

So where to from here? I couldn’t see the hot coffee part of the game creating as much of a stir this side of the atlantic even if it had been included in the game from the start (perhaps the bbfc and the likes would have wanted it cut, but it’s not like there’s anything approaching full frontal so i’d consider it unlikely). Violence is far more likely to lend a game notoriety over here than sex is. I’ve read comments (I’d guess from americans) speculating that it was something put into the game by programmers for their own amusement and was accidentally or mischievously left in the final builds, but I’d bet it was chopped with orders from the US after they saw it. I don’t think we’re so weird about sex, but perhaps I’m wrong.

Or is this just a fault of the american rating system which deems it appropriate for 17 year olds to play gratuitously violent games?

Will we start seeing seperate versions of games on either side of the Atlantic? More salacious this side, bloodier the other? Clearly, sex sells – where it’s allowed to at any rate…