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Rockstar Games has stopped producing the current version of the game and is working on a version that will qualify for the M rating.[/quote:11882f4a0a]
Get rid of Hot Coffee code…problem solved…

The uproar is over explicit sexual scenes in the game that can be unlocked with software created by a fan.[/quote:11882f4a0a]
Note the use of fan and not developer. Also notice the lack of any information regarding the code released by the developer..

“It appears that the publisher has blatantly circumvented the rules in order to peddle sexually explicit material to our youth, and they should be held accountable. A company cannot be allowed to profit from deceit.”[/quote:11882f4a0a]
I wonder did he need surgery in order to excrete orally, or does it come naturally?

I wonder if they examined the sales of GTA: SA since the story broke would they find an increase in sales? I can nearly guarentee not, reasons? Well nearly everyone who is going to buy the game will have done so already. Also the fact that the game is now gone from the shelves of many of the major retailers in the US will only hurt any possible sales further. This issue has not benefited Rockstar in anyway really. Fair enough they say any publicity is good publicity but when said publicity leads to a product recall and limiting of sales then well wheres the benefit in that? Also they did not “circumvent” anything, the code was there but not accessible unless someone with proper knowledge was able to access it, I still havnt seen or heard any of my friends using the mod yet.

Oh and he said it himself, “peddle sexually explicit material to our youth” excuse me but wasnt the old rating Mature? 17+? Fair enough one may be regarded as being in ones youth back then but to make the assumption that it instantly becomes acceptable once one gets to 18 is just plain naive.
I refer back to my previous comment about parents doing their jobs and keeping the game out of their homes when their kids are underage….