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I bloody well knew this would happen and it only reinforces my argument…

Rockstar Being Sued by 85-Year-Old Grandmother

I mean are people so *cough* bloody *cough* stupid that they think buying a Mature rated game for their under-17 year old child is ok? And why is extreme violence alright but sexual content not? Why aren’t they treated the same in the media over there?

The grandmother was angered when she found out that San Andreas contained hidden sex scenes and she believes that Rockstar is guilty of “false advertising, consumer deception and unfair business practices.[/quote:44a96853cc]
The game is rated MATURE for a reason lady, look at the bloody box next time, its not like its hidden or anything…Click. Theres no false advertising, deception or *laughs* unfair business practices…

Needless to say, there is a huge problem with this lawsuit. Did the grandmother think it was okay to purchase a Mature video game filled to the brim with guns and violence for a 14-year-old? Now that she discovered there’s some hidden sex scene in the game, she suddenly doesn’t want her grandson to be exposed to that, but extreme violence is acceptable? It simply doesn’t make sense. If she had taken just a moment to look at the rating and content descriptors, one of which is “strong sexual content,” perhaps she would have never purchased the game in the first place. The game’s title is even named after a felony; that alone should have been a red flag to her.

The fact is that Florence Cohen, unfortunately like many parents and grandparents, ignored the ESRB’s ratings system completely. Rockstar Games and Take-Two are certainly not to blame for that.

Perhaps the one positive that may result from all this controversy is an increased awareness of the ESRB ratings and what they stand for.[/quote:44a96853cc]

Sums it up for me so I don’t have to get any more frustrated…

Basically she should be sued for negligence or providing unsuitable content to a minor or whatever the charge is called….see if that softens here bloody cough…