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Thanks for that. Now imagine I’m starting from the groud, how good does my knowledge of java need to be? J2ME worth it or should I be looking at some of the other mobile languages out there? 3d modelling what do I need because I’ve no experience at all with in that department? Netbeans is there any decent alternative to netbeans![/quote:037837fcc8]

Right.. Having a good bit of java experience (and some j2me) i can help you with this one..

1. you need to be fairly good with java to create decent j2me stuff. So i suggest learning java first to a certain level. Be comfortable with graphics 2d, if you dont know this you need to learn it, alot of j2me uses this.

2. j2me is pretty slow but easier to find phones which support it. Brew looks like its a decent api but few phones around with it so you would be running alot of your code only in brew emulators. at least with j2me you can give it to people after you’ve tested it in an emulator. Although brew is harder as its c++ based. brews website i think is qualcomm.com

3. as for 3d modelling with j2me, you might be a bit ambitious, the memory for j2me games are limited so thats probably out. Although brew does allow animations\models, take alook at spiderman for smart phones. ;)

4. best ide for java in my opinion is definately IBM Eclipse. Its free, its easy to learn to use and the plugins are fantastic for it. Also its free!! Alot of professional java teams use this as their dev tool.Alot of people are also using eclipse to interface with gcc.

You’ll also notice that eclipse while written in java itself is far faster than other java ide’s (forte,netbeans etc), because eclipse uses an ibm patent called SWT (standard widget toolkit), which basically uses native gui code calls thus boosting the speed of the application. Also you can incorporate SWT into your own java projects instead of java swing\awt.

Finally, your not going to make anything astounding with j2me because its slow and little memory is available to do anything cool. Although if you can develop a really playable game using it, you could be onto a winner. As far as ive seen i havent seen a good j2me game yet. Most are inhibited by crap 8,4,6,2 controls..