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Having done my final year project in J2ME (a phone game, still adding the bells and whistles at the moment), i would suggest getting your hands on all the J2ME specific tutorials you can, and pick a device ASAP, as there can be as much to learn about device specific APIs (like the Full screen canvas for nokias) as J2ME itself.

I wouldn’t bother with J2SE tutorials (or Java tutorials) as there are a lot of concepts that you need to forget about when coding in J2ME, like OO for example (as the more classes you create, the more heap memory you use…which limits what you can assign to your game engine)

J2ME is all about efficiency on a very resource limited device, don’t forget that you’ll have to code the UI aswell as the game (which is a pain in the arse), as the UI is just as important for mobile devices, but again takes up memory on you.

In terms of phones

It all adds up – code, images, sounds all have to be kept to a minimum.

Also, there are a lot of things in the J2SE API that don’t exist in J2ME one, i found this out by first prototyping any ideas i had in J2SE…then found i couldn’t port them directly, a lot of work was required.

I think i still have a big document of all the warnings and things to look out for, i’ll scrounge through my old notes and pass them on…but given my “filing system” i can’t promise you anything!

if you want to really slay them with your project, make sure you can put your project on a real phone and NOT an emulator.

be aware of emulator issues too, i had problems with writing game records (high scores etc) on a nokia 6600 emulator, and spent ages trying to fix my code…only to find out that there’s a flaw with some emulators.

In terms of toolkits etc, i’d recommend Nokia above all the others, Motorola emulators give very poor error feedback – i’ve had trouble with apps not running but it just says “an error occurred” and crashes.

SE are decent but very slow, and they are very stingey with the information and tutorials, also if you are planning any sort of networking between phones etc SE won’t let you simulate that unless you actually own two of their phones…i tried to develop a Bluetooth two player game only to find you have to physically have the two phones infront of you to test it.

The Nokia toolkit lets you simulate networking.

And stay away from Siemens too…there’s a reason they are trying to find someone to buy and take over their mobile phone production! :lol: