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Maybe its just me, but when I hear games consoles for sale, I always think 150 Euro (Max).

I’d apply the same “stigma” (maybe ‘preconception’ would be a better word) to handhelds, which have [to me at least] a perceived value of about 99 Euro.

Now I know the big bad bosses of the games industry have been piping on about having 1.2 million developers working on a single title, and therefore increased cost to develop, leads to increase cost of final product, but I’m smelling BLUFF, SMOKE & MIRRORS, and downright MIS-INFORMATION. Just look at what the guys at http://www.ProjectOffset.com have achieved with three people!

So EA, if your reading this, ya can stick your price increase up your compiler! try to rip off your target market, and they’ll just end up buying chipped/modded boxes from the web.

The Greed Will Consume All…