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“Apparently, if you don’t but the 20gb HDD for the 360 you can’t play original xbox games – which is really taking the p!ss out of people imho – it’s basically saying “we took your money the first time and fully intend to try to get more out of you by not thinking of our existing customers”, fair enough the xbox was released without the intention of MS posting predictable profits because they wanted to break into the games market but a bit of decency like!”

I don’t understand? You can still play xbox games on your xbox surely? Backwards compatibility is more a feature than a customer right.

I do understand the anger though. Do we really need a new wave of technology? There’s a theory that the only people who ever gain by refreshing the hardware every 7/8 years are the hardware manufacturers. It’s not good for development (which can’t stabilise and cut costs), it’s not good for publishers (who must play ball with the gatekeepers to the technology). And while it may seem great as a hardcore gamer to see all this innovation in hardware, ultimately we are suffering because innovation anywhere else is a risk.

I look forward to the day when console fanboi’s are an amusing aspect of the past and instead we have developer groupies. Yeah, that’s right, groupies. hmmmmmmm…. groupies.