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Apparently, if you don’t but the 20gb HDD for the 360 you can’t play original xbox games – which is really taking the p!ss out of people imho – it’s basically saying “we took your money the first time and fully intend to try to get more out of you by not thinking of our existing customers”[/quote:6b40dabd33]

Not wanting to take any sides here but just consider the tech issues. The majority of Xbox games presume the existence of a hard drive. For Xbox360 tobe backwards compatible, there absolutely has to be either a Hard Drive or a piece of hardware that has similar storage andcan approximate the performance and behavior of a hard drive.

Now they have a choice of forcing all customers of 360 to buy a hard drive (i.e. include it by default) or make backwards compatibilty one of those extra sauce features you get for buying the drive. Some folks will choose not to,other folks might have a back catalogue and not interested in having 2 consoles cluttering up the front room or whatever.

In my books I buy the MS argument – keep costs low as possible but offer the choice. Given their tech options I can’t see that they could have resolved this in any other way…