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Creature Design
Silk-Purse Flyer

This little fellow might not be the most handsome of creatures to the human eye. However, in his world, he is a supermodel.
The line along his side will pulse different colours during the courting process. Making him quite the catch to his female counterparts.
The more varied the colours, the better his chances at finding a mate.
Its favourite food is the nectar of the Gurita, a flower that dwarfs this little creature as he flies right into its opening.
It is safe in its world as his blood is pure poison, making him unpalatable to any poor creature that might fancy a bite.
Its name comes from the old saying, ‘You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear’.
Because both of its wings resemble pigs ears, attached to something as colourful and as beautiful as a silk purse.

Done for ConceptArt.org’s Creature of the week.
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