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im playing it at the minute. i bought it cause it has no online fees – i always wanted to try an MMORPG but didnt want the monthly license fees. Im really enjoying it! How it works is as follows – you meet up with other players in Hub areas, such as towns, where you can also buy weapons, trade etc. You then persuade other players to join your team (up to 8 players by the end of the game I believe), and you enter the outer game world. They call it “instancing”, as you and your team get your own instance of the world, and don’t come across any other players.
It’s very good fun, and really focuses on the team play, so you need a well rounded team to get anywhere.
Plus there is a Player-vs-Player area, which is just a team based deathmatch. Haven’t dabbled much in this, but it seems like good fun.