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I don’t want to come across as being [too] paranoid. But I could have **sworn** blindly I posted a comment hear about my experience with Haze.

But it does not seem to be here, so, either it was too harsh (I don’t think it was harsh) or I’m shooting too much Haze.

So here we go. Again.

My thoughts on Haze. Was really looking forward to it. Watched all of the documentary videos, (which were great "behind the scenes" – long may this style of open development continue!), and sat down to play it.

First game I ever played on the PS3.

Found the controls difficult at first (but I’m a CS/HL WASD’er), but got the hang of it.

Loved the underlying themes, duality, perspective/alignment, freedom-fighter/terrorist. Very apt in the current world climate. Similar to Harvey Smith’s "Army of Two."

But as for the execution, I have the following issues:

Level design was pretty poor. Very linear, and "forced." Any attempt to flank the enemy is near impossible, as the game will not allow you to climb up relatively low embankments, or move around/over a crate, etc. Very very frustrating.

Popping / LoD was savage. This is especially visible on the flight decks. If you stand about 5 in-game meters from your fellow soldiers and take a step forward and step back, you can literally see the normal maps coming online/offline. MASSIVE popping effect. The same applies for the helicopters, where they POP on and off like crazy. Distracting and dis-heartening.

Shadows.. Some serious z-fighting or related effects going on. Again, on the flight deck, have a look at your squads shadows (don’t know if they are stencil or equivelant) but they "fight" like crazy. Even worse is the heavy guns mounted on the helicopters. Have a look at their shadows, they "fight" and "swirl" like crazy.

Model detail. Was truly under-impressed by the quality of the character models. They look no better than HL2 models. Seriously.

Maybe, I let the PS3 marketing spin give me unrealistic expectations, and watching the "behind the scenes" documentaries just added to this.

That’s all I have so far. I am going to play it. Start to finish. Because of the fact that somewhere in their is GoldenEye pedigree, and that can never ever be ignored.

If I have any more issues, I’ll share them with the community. I, in NO WAY direct any criticisms at anyone, (especially not the locals). If any offence is taken, I apologise in advance.