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Keep an eye out for UCC. I know they are definitely offering a games degree or masters next year. Well that was the (insider) news last week anyway.[/quote:052f16b860]

ill believe it when i see it. that was the insider word last year when i was there but it was put off because there wasent any money and anyone internally who could teach it to the level which would be required for it not to be a cash in course to attract student (aka money).

really hope it gets going next year, but i guess we’ll have to wait and see.

definately wont be a games degree i would say will have to be a masters. otherwise the cs dept would have to run 2 cs related courses and i couldnt see that happening. would need a whole load more staff. to run a msc you probably only need 2-3 people who know about games courses and they can teach and train the rest.

Also if they do a games course i would recommend that it contains the minimum amount of java and focuses more on c and asm. coz java isnt likely to become the weapon of choice for an actual game, only tools to asset the production of one.