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peter_b you must have definitely been involved with the multimedia dept. in UCC somehow. Your scepticism is top notch ( I tend to agree with it by the way.). As far as I know it was 10 new jobs. Lecturers get replcaed when they die and only then. We’ll see next year (Hopefully from Aberaty :D ).[/quote:f9f31a4bf6]

no i wasent involved with the multimedia department i was part of 4C the constraints and AI group. As for being a sceptic, im just very familar with the running of the dept. As for the 2million quid, dunno where that leaked from because ive been talking to a few in the dept today and they’d really like to see that sort of money but they havent heard anything bout it :)

As for getting abertay lecturers, i think their struggling themselves. Theres been an ad for a lecturer for abertay on gamesindustry.biz since january. not sure if its filled though, but i wouldnt be surprised if it wasent, coz the money was poor for a lecturing position.. so maybe if u.c.c offered similar salaries to the current salarys the lecturers in u.c.c are on they might get a few indeed.