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lol nintendo conference was so cheesy, but after watching sonys one it was far worse and tries to be super flashy .

Alot at the start it is about year 1 and year 5 and year 7
its like they are still banking on furture protensul.
And also the fact that its blue-ray player , so nothing new there.

Then he starts talking about their cell micro processor, which
was kinda interesting , but also kinda off the point at e3 if you ask me

gamers and consumers are leaving the pc behing ? ….right

oh jesus then a resistance 2 trailier, almost stoped watching ! i mean what do i know this one might be good, i mean it cant get anymore average or boring then the first one.

at least little big planet could be fun.
The playsation network looks like it has alot of titles
crash commando ? looks like worms in real time
fat princess ? meh
flower ? looks interesting
well there going down the media platform road just like
microsoft , loves of movies to download

DC universe online , console mmorpgs ? well i never thought much of them. And then MAG, well it sounded like planetside, might be interesting , too bad they dont even have any bloody gameplay to show.

2008 year of the playsation 3 , will only time will tell….