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"the hardcore fans , will be busy for the next year playing smash bros brawl 12 hours a day"

Still a Nintendo fanboy eh BCFESupermario. Ah well. Maybe some day you will own a platform where you will have access to more than 2 great games a year :D

I kid, I kid.

To be honest I thought Sony played it safe but are still offering a good line up. Plenty of solid games for their user base even if many of them are multi-platform. Nintendo are doing a really good job at aiming for the casual market but doing very little for us "confirmed gamers". While I dont agree with the assessment I can see why some people have called the Wii a fad. The new Xbox dashborad is "interesting" and there seem to be a fair few games to keep us distracted. All in all I’m quite happy with the E3 offering…anyone else or am I alone in my optimism?