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I’m surprised that no-one has mentioned FFXIII for the 360, that has to be the biggest surprise announcement of E3 so far. Sales wise I don’t think its going to make a huge difference, but symbiotically is a huge blow for Sony. Yet another Playstation brand appearing on the 360 (simultaneously)[/quote:a313a33156]

Not really I kind of expected it would be. For example, Kojima said about MGS 4 they considered at one time developing for one platform and it was too expensive, considering amount of return for one platform vs production cost. Hence, by this comment I suspect they have a rough pc and 360 version developed in parallel already in Konami, ready to be tidied up and released, makes perfect financial sense.

Similarly, I’d imagine its the same situation for Square Enix. FF games cost a fortune now( especially if they now have to raise their production quality level to be on par or better than MGS 4), only way you’ll see your money back is to go multi-platform.

This is also the same argument for Capcom and RE5, thats multi-platform too and is going to cost arms, legs and torsos! ;)