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well over all i will say i thought microsoft did the best show, but saying that i will get fallout 3 for my pc and not my 360.

And the one game to rule them all………MEGAMAN 9.
oh dear i love you capcom , i am buying a controller
converter , so i can plug my old nes controller into my wii
downloading megaman 9 and well you wont be seeing me till its

Megaman 9 Trailier

oh and john , i am not a Nintendo fanboy lol , sure i have a wii and ds, but also 360 and my old ps2 which are good fun. but really i love my pc the most , so i am pc fanboy, but the pc does not need any fanboys(so i am out of a job)……….anyway megaman 9 !!! , 8 bit gaming is back ,oh yea