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Excellent points, Omega!

Before I develop a certain reputation I just want to state I was in a prison as part of my work experience with the Police Service of Northern Ireland in my old high school. So don’t be getting any thoughts!!

The one on one fist fighting is something I really liked. So often in first person shooters it’s all about going in all guns blazing trying to kill as many soldiers as you can. Riddick pulled this off so well. It’s made so much better with the realistic way in which the enemy bleeds and bruises, as you said.

There’s been some positive and negative points made about the swearing. Personally I feel that it does add to the believability. It is a game for adults so the parents of kids who complain about this really should not be letting them play it in the first place. I have a habit of swearing right back at the game, I must admit. Won’t go into the offensive details but I must applaud my humorous wit in such tense situations. ;) Truly does immerse you in the game.

One thing that I find annoying is how short it is. Perhaps Starbreeze were worried that it would drag on for too long and bore the gamer. Then again there could have been time restrictions. If it was the former then I think they could have stretched it out. More of the same please.

I’ve finished the game twice in the last couple of days, been off college with the flu, so clearly you can complete it rather fast. Despite this it shows the reply factor as you want to pick it right up after completing it.

This game really gets me excited. It’s something special and I’m bloody glad Pete showed me the demo of it when I was at Torc on work ex last year. Hope the sequel wont’ be too long off.