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Is what I am teaching appropriate and relevant?[/quote:5caf7a830e]
Probably. However, I think you might be teaching a little too specificly. Make sure they know thats the methods you teach aren’t for your dalek game, they can be used in all circumstances. Make sure its not the dalek game you are teaching, but the methods involved.

Is the course relevant for the Irish games industy?[/quote:5caf7a830e]
Sure, why not.

Is the approach correct?[/quote:5caf7a830e]
Probably. Make sure you set some sort of goal in the course for the students. They should be asked to create a game of their own, hopefully deviating away for your taught dalek game as much as possible to show their adaptibility and understand of the code.

Am I using an appropriate toolset? In other words should I be using Torque or Quake or something else instead of having students program everything in C++? [/quote:5caf7a830e]
You could get an engine in, but I think you’d probably spend a lot of your time trying to teach the engine toolset rather than the methodology that you are currently intending to do. In my opinion, I’d make them stick to using C++ and DirectX, they’ll learn more.

I’m not a lecturer, so don’t quote me on it, but it seems alright to me. one of the goals that was put on me as a games student was to make sure you have a demo by the end of the course that you can show people as that’s what you’re going to be using to try get a job afterwards. Games industry is a bit strange like that, a great cv won’t get you your first job, unless you have a decent demo to show with it.