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Thanks everyone for the feedback.

I did have a look at the IGDA framework and my course seems to cover the “Game Programming” course they suggest.

The main points I can gather are:

Not to make the course Dalek World specific. I try and do that by demoing how the techniques students learn are used in commercial games, such as comparing camera movement in half life vs C&C generals for example and looking at path finding in RTS games.

Encourage students interested in working in the industry to create a portfolio.

Based on the feedback, I think I made the right choice in getting students to develop everything in C++/DirectX rather than using an existing toolkit. After all, I want them to understand the algorithms and there are many advantages to developing everything from scratch:

1. Students learn lots of useful C++, such as templates and the STL
2. Students learn appreciate the importance of OO
3. Students learn reusable design patterns as a side effect, such as singletons, observer, state machine etc.
4. Students don’t have to learn a new class library.

Anyway, hopefully see you Friday