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I reckon you’d be right but would vary alot on the company, ppl etc doing the interviewing.

IMO I would say at the 20 interviewees if both girls were as good as the rest, both would be called. After all if their all equally as good, why not interview women for your company. The industry is already too heavily loaded with lads. For example, we currently only have girl as a programmer and one as an artist. (total studio size being approx 35). Although im told our women coders are increasing by one early october.

Also alot of banks etc work schemes were they have a quota which they most meetl with a certain amount of women, men, black,white, asian etc.. Its all part of maintaining equality\equal opportunties in the work place.

As for agreeing with the policy, why not. If your the best canidate you should get the job simple as that, no matter who or what you are.