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As for agreeing with the policy, why not. If your the best canidate you should get the job simple as that, no matter who or what you are.[/quote:3416cd6a5f]
Because at its lowest level, it’s making a decision based on gender :)

my question would be why are they not applying?[/quote:3416cd6a5f]
Reply with a question, tut tut. :)
2 issues here lead me to think in different directions. Firstly, games aren’t being designed for teenage women, which makes them lose interest at key formative years of their lives (16-18ish, when they choose their college courses). This is obviously due to a lack of designers having the understanding necessary to tackle that part of the market.

The second option is that the vast majority of games require a win/lose concept, which suits the more combative nature of the male gender. In this situation, it’s far less likely that women will *ever* be as interested in games as men are.

Dave, your cunning plan to start another controversy seems to be failing!! You’ll have to try harder[/quote:3416cd6a5f]
That’s because people are skirting the issue (as is always likely to happen regarding this subject…). I want proper replies dammit :)

Edit: That includes you Aphra! :)