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Okay, just gonna make it short and to the point today.

There are several factors that an employer will look at them hiring someone. Skills and experience are the obvious ones. Then there is the interviewer’s impression of the candidate and how they will fit in to the existing team. If you’re working on a team comprised entirely of men, the chances are its going to be easier for another man to fit into the team dynamic easier, while there may be issues for the female employee…maybe there is a lot of male conversation that my not be suitable in female company or other similar things. I think a woman trying to get a job in a company, especially a company that doesn’t already employ any other women, would need to tick a few extra boxes to meet the grade.

Please note that this is not a personal opinion of female employees, but rather a personal opinion of how things probably work in a lot of companies and I have no evidence to back this up.

On the other points, I’d have to agree with Aphra. Woman working in the industry isn’t going to suddenly making everything better for girls playing games, but I do think that we do need more women in the industry to question things that guys don’t and push boundaries where men wouldn’t dare or wouldn’t think of.