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If you’re working on a team comprised entirely of men, the chances are its going to be easier for another man to fit into the team dynamic easier, while there may be issues for the female employee… [/quote:a361facdea]
I know the above wasn’t your personal opinion, but I think it’s worth saying I think a lot of people, and employers, would disagree – they would think the team dynamic could only improve with diversity.

1. I think she would be called for the interview, but she’d be less likely to get the job. [/quote:a361facdea]
In a nutshell, the reason you think this is because you think there’s a lot of sexist discrimination out there?

but I do think that we do need more women in the industry to question things that guys don’t and push boundaries where men wouldn’t dare or wouldn’t think of.[/quote:a361facdea]

Why should we believe women will question things that guys won’t, or push boundaries where men wouldn’t? Is this a sexist belief? Should people hire preferentially based on it, or would that be wrong?

Do we believe a more diverse group of people will create more diverse games?
Or is this merely a sexist/racist/whatever opinion against those that currently create the games?