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I think a woman trying to get a job in a company, especially a company that doesn’t already employ any other women, would need to tick a few extra boxes to meet the grade. [/quote:7a46b83053]

I didn’t say sexual discrimation…and no thats not what I meant [/quote:7a46b83053]
I thought that the fact a woman would need to ‘tick a few extra boxes’ would mean that it’s sexual discrimination,?

If it didn’t come across right, could you explain again why they’d have a harder timer getting the job?

Women are different from men, its scientific fact, thought processes are different…thats why.[/quote:7a46b83053]
The two sexes are different, can’t argue with that. But when it comes to hiring, shouldn’t those general differences be ignored? For example, you wouldn’t think of preferentially hiring an engineer just because they were male, and males think differently, right?
So, logically, surely, we wouldn’t say it’s ok to hire females preferentially because you are trying to make games for females and you feel you need to create a predominantly female studio?
Or is there a difference in the two cases?
Surely, even if your trying to make games for girls, you should still hire the best developer, rather than the best female developer?

Why wouldn’t they…the more diverse the ideas the more scope for inventiveness. As for current games, don’t you think that ideas some to be converging a lot these days…[/quote:7a46b83053]

More diverse the ideas, the more scope for inventiveness – agreed.
Current games, ideas converging a lot – agreed.

But my question, as to whether a more diverse group creates more diverse games, you answer with ‘why wouldn’t they’ – I was hoping for a little more detail?
I guess there’s two questions – does a more diverse group actually create more diverse games (if so, why?) and is it ok or wrong to hire preferentially based on this belief?

I knew it would come out wrong[/quote:7a46b83053]
It’s an area where emotions (understandably) run high for people and it’s very easy to say the wrong thing in, so it’s very easy for things to not come out the way they were meant…