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Sorry I did not go into enough detail in the first post. We have two companies, Vanishing Point is an American company that makes and sells models, but also provides digital assets to our other company. The company this contract is for is Animation Point, an Irish company.

We already have the models, and the models are in Max 5 format, ready modelled and textured. We need these models updated to a later version, because our animators, who work in Max 9, cannot open these models. The animators also need basic rigging, which in most cases will just involve moving the joint centres, etc. Not all the models need rigging, some, like the buildings and plants and furniture, just need to be opened in a later version of Max, and then saved, and checked that all the textures are there. So that is why I say some models will be ten minutes work.

This contract is a steady contract, and the pay is for the conversion of the entire lot of models. This contract has nothing to do with the models sold on Vanishing Point, although we may still, at a later stage, get permsiion from the owner of these models to sell them. These models are intended for use by Animation Point in rendering TV adverts. Animation Point has 300 animators under contract, and they are running out of models to use in the adverts.

If anyone is genuinely interested in the job, they can e-mail me on helgarddebarros@hotmail.com, and I can discuss payment and give you a link to view the models, as well as giving you one or two sample models to look at. Due to our NDA I cannot give out that information on a public forum.

My role in this is that I am a 50% owner of Vanishing Point, and a 50% owner of Animation Point. I am responsible for sourcing and supplying legal and licenced models made by people on the internet, to our animation company, for use in TV, film and animation projects. A lot of the models we source and supply are only licenced for use in animations, not for resale, that is why you don’t see this collection of models on Vanishing Point.

If you need any more information, feel free to ask away.