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"However the quality of your products seems to vary quite a lot, from very good to downright poor. Of course, TurboSquid has the same problem as it’s content is created and sold by artists of varying degrees of expertise.

Most of your stuff seems aimed at the Poser & Vue markets. Is this true?
Also if you are selling a model of a soldier for $20, what did you pay the artist? Do you pay them for the model, or do they get royalties for each piece sold?
What method do you use to pay your artists?"

This is beside the point, but I will answer this anyway, although this has no bearing on the job offered above: Yes, we do have some models that are poor on our site, and they cost all of $8, whereas the poor models on Turbo Squid cost $200. :-)

And yes, the sale models are mostly aimed at the Poser and Vue markets, because those are the only people who have joined us making and selling models. If someone joined us and gave us Max models, we would sell those. The modellers get paid a royalty on sales, and we pay them monthly by Paypal. We are a small team, only 10 people, and mostly do that because we enjoy it, that is not our main business, that is just a side-line.