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Oh dear Barbara, more like "Christians in space" online if you ask me…

I’m not a fan of Star trek, but I think a Star trek MMO is a good idea as there is an huge established universe already populated with different races, cultures and technologies from the franchise.

Looking at the trailer all the action seems quite wooden and static. It’s not something I would play as I am not into MMO’s or Star trek but I don’t hold out much hope for the final game being all that good.

The game seems to be (or at least trailer is) mainly focused on clunky combat rather than space exploration or the different roles of the crew which is what I thought Star trek was more about.

Also, BCFESupermario, if you’re up at ten to 5 in the morning posting enthusiastic threads about a Star trek MMO you’re probably not going to sort that lack of a gf problem any time soon :)