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"Also, BCFESupermario, if you’re up at ten to 5 in the morning posting enthusiastic threads about a Star trek MMO you’re probably not going to sort that lack of a gf problem any time soon"

harsh ……..actually i have a gf right now ( shock horror) , but she is away right now :( , hence the 5 in the morning star trek love fest.


"The game seems to be (or at least trailer is) mainly focused on clunky combat rather than space exploration or the different roles of the crew which is what I thought Star trek was more about"

Actually if you watch the 2nd trailier in vegas the head of developement talks about how exploration is a hugh part of the game , having your own ship , with your own A.I. controled crew who you can pick , and that you can be the first to discover new planets in the game you will get benefits.

And honestly i would not put too much into the gameplay trailier as this is after only a few months work, there is still 3 years to go before the game will be finished, but like i said Cryptic Studios have a good record. And mainly i think if they do it right it should be a good sci fi mmo , with space , shipboard , and ground action, which is an orignal idea, will it work ? who knows.