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Churchill was pretty much a lone (if loud) voice and we probably would not have gone to war when we did if not for him. He also played a major part in keeping us going and in getting the Americans to join the war when they did[/quote:ce00fd82b9]

I doubt there would not have been a drastic differance in the timing of Britains declaration of war if Churchill wasn’t around
The Germans lost the eastern front, not because of a lack of troops due to splitting the army east and west, but because they fought during the Russian winter without the right equipment. If they had double the men, they would just have had double the amount of starving, frostbitten, de-moralised troops.

The US were providing military aid to the UK at the beginning of the war, not only because of Churchills diplomacy, but because they just wanted Germany defeated. It was Japans attack on Pearl Harbor that tipped the US over the edge and into armed conflict with the Germans and their Japanese allies.

I think basing this games drastic change of history on the life or death of one, albeit important, man is a bit stupid and far fetched. Still it might be a good game!