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much better than Halo anyway. :) [/quote:da652dc0f4]

Quick, get ’em Boys!

Nah, thats great that you found something in the game which you can relate with, in that I mean you said you’ve been to a Prison which I have never done. The one thing about ridddick which even the developers so bouldy said in an interview some time back is that the game is for adults, and thats it! It wears it’s naughty colours proudly. I was stunned the first time I heard the Gaurd(played by Xzibit) say ” Yo shut the Fuck up and get back in your cell”, thought that was madness. But it did add to the atmosphere.

For another point I wanted to make, which i suspect you’ll agree with Ronny is how excellently the combat is accomplished, in that I mean the ‘fisty cuffs’. The Knuckle fighting is fantastic. Uppercuts and left Hooks all over the shop, blood dripping from your Foe’s nose. The stuff of legend. You’d be hard pushed to find any game that does 1st person fighting any better, actually you probably won’t find one, not even that game Breakout by Namco comes close.

All in all the mechanics of the game are sound and well accomplished, and at the end of the day maybe your right Ronny, Riddick may be better than Halo 2. But by the sum of its parts I think Halo nufges it :)