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Apparently, if you don’t but the 20gb HDD for the 360 you can’t play original xbox games – which is really taking the p!ss out of people imho – it’s basically saying “we took your money the first time and fully intend to try to get more out of you by not thinking of our existing customers”, fair enough the xbox was released without the intention of MS posting predictable profits because they wanted to break into the games market but a bit of decency like!

I also read a comment the Head of Microsoft’s Home and Entertainment division said that nobody has offered the level of choice (the core system or the full xbox 360 package) for consoles before and that it was “ground breaking” because before you had to buy a console regardless of what features came with it – i think that’s rubbish and is just a money spinner, even having to buy a DVD remote for the Xbox was ridiculous.

its not like you buy a console that includes a walnut finish but really you wanted maple, but have to settle for it – you don’t even get what you want with a console when you buy it – 2 controllers.

sorry, i got a bit carried away there :lol: