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well spent most of today implementing this fringe search and gotta say when people write pseudo in a paper they really should get somone who knows nothing about the paper to code it up by just reading the paper and coding, so that all nooks and crannys are spotted.

i found a few small mistakes in the pseudo code which required a good few reads of the paper to spot and fix, i.e. things mislabelled resulting in drastic effects).

anyway after a day of reading\coding\reading coding\correcting\running. I final got the thing to work. dunno if its much faster than a* i might run it against a ME_IDA* (which this things claims it can beat, we’ll see ;-) ), next week.

Anyway, so ill clean up the code and post on my website next week if someone wants to integrated it into a project.
when im done it should read a standard text file, parse it build a map, person supplies start and end points. hopefully, voila and out pops your path to move your troops etc.

but ill supply the source also, so you can integrate however you like.

also the conference guy told me the paper will be available in about a week. i went to scan the algorithm at work but as usual busted.

from here.

right that ends the topic (probably too much techno talk).

home bound!